Case Taaleri: Elements of Successful & Secure Cloud Journey

Would you use more cloud services if you knew security is well taken care of and if you could be certain that you are compliant with all the requirements for financial institutions?

Security is often a major issue with financial organisations starting to think about modernising their IT infrastructure or using services delivered from cloud as a SaaS (Software as a Service). Sometimes the uncertainty of security is a restraining factor preventing from gaining the benefits of cloud, sometimes the security is lagging or even forgotten when having an aggressive cloud-first strategy.

But building an effective security practice and services for cloud usage does not have to be hard, time consuming or expensive. At Nordic Fintech Summit 24.3.2022 we have a unique opportunity to share the story of Taaleri’s successful and secure cloud journey. It’s an interesting and successful case that can inspire and encourage others to do the same.

In the past Taaleri IT had been quite traditional with very limited cloud usage and with limited IT resources. Not the best scenario for a ground-breaking development leap, one could think. But when a big part of the existing business was sold, something had to be done. And not just something, the new IT had to be built from scratch in just some months and it had to be cheaper and more secure and give better user experience, so the users would not have any reason to complain.

What first looked like a nightmare was actually a good starting point for a successful secure cloud journey. There was very limited time available, which forced to think in alternative ways out of the box and to start doing things differently. What came out from the challenge was a hectic but rewarding journey that revolutionised the way IT services are produced once and for all.

Watch the recording of The Secure Cloud Journey of Taaleri Oyj. Shared to you by Jukka Dhawan, CIO, Taaleri Oyj and Antti Rajala, CEO, Secure Cloud Finland Oy.

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Antti Rajala

Antti Rajala