Identity-First Data Security

Secure Cloud is an innovative data security company focusing on identity management and cyber security. We can provide you with all your cyber security services and comprehensive expertise on a SaaS basis.
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Leading-edge expertise as light as a cloud

Secure Cloud represents a combination of experienced professionals within data security and IAM with youthful enthusiasm and a genuine wish to do things better and on a cloud basis. We have a curiosity for new services but also the humility to acknowledge that we don’t know everything, and this has given us the courage to see things differently and search for new solutions to existing problems. We continue to use best practices, but in a more innovative way.

We are pioneers in the data security services that you need when your services, applications, users and data are external to your corporate network. On top of our experts’ leading-edge skills, we use the possibilities of the cloud to benefit the customer whenever possible.

Our data security experts are here to help you

From Advisor consulting to service deployment and online support
It is advisable to start enhancement of your data security and identity management with an analysis of the status quo, the risks and your future needs. Our most experienced consultants can help you with this. You can also get help with designing architectures, management models or development roadmaps. Using a professional makes getting started easier and more efficient. Ask us for more details!

Modern solutions to data security

With Secure Cloud’s modern solutions and services you can:
  • update your cyber security to a new era
  • enhance your end users’ and customers’ user experience
  • get the most out of cloud services – more securely, easily and efficiently!
Let’s bring management of your digital identities right up to date. We can offer effective solutions to enhance data security for companies of all sizes.

Our services for data security and identity management

Your organisation, end users and applications are already in the cloud, but what about your data security solutions?

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Digital Identity Management, IAM

Modern Workforce IAM and Customer IAM solutions are the backbone of modern data security solutions. Modern solutions also make IGA management straightforward.

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Cloud-Based SOC Service

Our cloud-based SOC service provides a comprehensive overview of your company’s data security status and always reacts rapidly and efficiently 24/7. Now SOC services are within the reach of any enterprise!

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Cyber Security Tools

When you need modern cyber security tools to protect your data, take a look at what is on offer in the cloud. We can provide data security for terminal equipment, SaaS applications, documents as well as public cloud IaaS platforms and applications.

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