Customer Case: Digita solved its customer identity and access management

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Cybersecurity is a strategic theme for Digita a provider of digital infrastructure and services and the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts.

The collaboration between Digita and Secure Cloud Finland began in 2020 with digital identities and has since expanded to other cybersecurity solutions. The collaboration has been very smooth, so Secure Cloud was a natural choice for solving customer portal access management as well.

“Digita has offered customers some digital self-service channels. However, they were all in different locations and had different credentials. We didn’t have a unified view of customer identities or the use of self-services. At the same time, new needs for self-service solutions emerged from several business functions,” says Susanna Tuomola, Enterprise Architect at Digita.

Objectives for solving the identity and access management

Digita wanted to solve its B2B portal customer identity and access management in the best possible way. According to Tuomola, the goal was to provide a first-class customer experience while developing the company’s services in a more modern direction that would also support new business.

“We started compiling a map of our needs to identify common factors. We interviewed customer representatives and investigated their pain points as well as areas where we could delight them. We wanted to make logging in not only secure but also extremely easy so that customers wouldn’t encounter obstacles right from the start.”


Secure Cloud helped to assess Digita’s current situation, needs, and wishes regarding customer identity and access management (CIAM).

After technology comparison and a deep understanding of business needs, Okta CIC (Auth0) emerged as the best and most cost-effective solution, which would increase the value of the service while improving user experience and customer satisfaction. A modern implementation would also significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and scale to future needs.

Data Center Services customer portal

Digita’s Data Center Services needed a new customer portal for processing service requests in a structured manner. Customers wanted quick processing of requests and documentation to be able to track and follow up the handling of requests by different individuals in multiple stages.

The goal was a customer-centric, easy-to-use service interface that would enable standardized process for handling service requests and expert tasks, while ensuring high-quality and secure access management.

“The portal meets our requirements very well. Next, we will ask for feedback from a few of our customers on functionality and test that the service process works flawlessly,” says Juha Syrjänen, who is responsible for the Data Center business.

Working with the people at Secure Cloud has been easy. The team is very knowledgeable and professional.
– Susanna Tuomola, Enterprise Architect, Digita


“Working with the people at Secure Cloud has been easy. The team is very knowledgeable and professional. Instead of keeping their expertise under wraps, they have been transparent and shared their knowledge. We have also been extremely satisfied with the continuous services after the project. Secure Cloud is always ready to help”, says Susanna Tuomola.

She appreciates how Secure Cloud has taken care of Digita’s interests, always offering various alternatives and keeping the costs under control. The project roadmap has been transparent, and the companies have planned it together.

The project has been a growth journey for both Secure Cloud and Digita. According to Tuomola, Digita’s expertise has increased tremendously in a short time in area of customer identity and access management 

Future collaboration

The development of self-service solutions will continue with Digita’s various business units and partners. Next in line are Site Services, which enable fast and cost-effective network construction throughout Finland. From the self-service portal, customers will see the masts that are under construction, and can make reservations.

“Our business emphasizes easy and effortless collaboration with all the stakeholders. The portal will provide our customers with an interface to independently explore information about locations and possibly even photos and videos,” says Ari-Pekka Ainonen, Director of Site Services.

About Digita

 Digita is a provider of digital infrastructure and services and the country’s largest independent owner of telecommunication masts. We ensure the functionality of everyday connections and the availability of diverse communications for all Finns while respecting the environment. The company owns and operates Finland’s leading national terrestrial television and radio network, acts as a pay-TV operator for the antenna network, and develops future broadcasting services. Digita’s telecommunications services include private networks, indoor coverage solutions, telecommunications mast and rooftop management services, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) and data center services. Services are provided to media companies, consumers, mobile operators, industry, infrastructure companies and property owners. Digita employs more than 200 experts nationwide and we want to be the best workplace in our industry for everyone.

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